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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to the Future Celebration Sale & Giveaway

Hello followers! Did you know that Marty from Back to the Future did his travels on October 21, 2015? Where are my flying cars and hoverboards?! Even though we're missing some of that technology, we can still celebrate the day. A group of TpT music sellers have gotten together to bring you a flash sale and giveaway. You have a chance to win one of three TpT giftcards! Additionally, we have all marked one item down to $1.21!  (for 1.21 gigawatts - go watch the movie!).  

In order to enter the giftcard giveaway, you'll have to have the secret message. Start here and grab the letter at the  the letter at the top of the page - you will want to write this letter down!.  Click on each letter to go to the next store and along the way, follow us, and  check out the amazing things everyone has to offer! Once you have the code, come back here and enter our secret message!

Then, click here to find all the amazing deals going on today only!

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