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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall is in the Air! Singing Game and Assessment

Fall is certainly in the air here in North Carolina. While the days are still hot and sunny, mornings are crisp and cool. With this in mind, I thought it would be fun to sing about the change in seasons with my kindergartners!

A fun lesson for fall in your music class! The best part is that it has a built in singing assessment. Used this activity with my kindergartners but you could use it for other elementary grades as well.

I started by asking if someone knew what season is coming up next. A few enthusiastic hands shot up. After we determined the next season is fall, I read a short book about fall. There are so many great options out there!

Next we learned a song/game celebrating fall called "Fall is in the Air!" Students sit in a circle while three chosen students stand in the center of the circle and pick a fall object. I printed out pictures of a scarecrow, pumpkin, squirrel, acorn, pile of leaves, and sun flower. I did not have time to laminate my pictures this time around but will definitely do so in the future!

The whole group sings this song while the three students "show off" their fall objects:

Fall is in the air!
  s  m  s  m   s
Fall is in the air!
  s  m  s  m   s
Gather round,
   s   s   m
Let us see!
  s   s   m
What do you have here?
  s      s     m     l       s

Students in the center of the circle are called on one by one to sing what they have with this response:

I have a _______________.
s  m    m      s-m or just s depending on syllables

The whole group responds immediately after with:
She/he has a ________________.
     s       m  m     s-m or just s depending on syllables

This group response is a good sol mi reinforcer.

I assessed students on their individual response with the following rubric:
4. Sings sol mi pattern in correct key 
3. Sings sol mi pattern in tune but in a different key 
2. Sings but does not sing sol mi pattern 
1. Uses speaking voice, even with I sing, you sing prompt
0. Would not attempt to sing, even with I sing, you sing prompt

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  1. I love this idea for a quick and easy assessment! Thanks for sharing :)