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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gamify Your Music Lessons and Gather Assessment Data Using Kahoot

Gone are the days of boring review sessions. Turn your classroom into a gameshow using Kahoot! 

What is Kahoot?
Kahoot is a game-based learning website for all ages. A teacher creates a quiz or "kahoot" containing a series of questions with 2-4 answers. You can also browse the public Kahoot database to see if the material you want to review has been made by another teacher.

What do I need to use Kahoot?
The teacher will need a device that connects to the internet and a way to project the screen on that device. Students will need a device that connects to the internet. Devices include smart phones, tablets, computers, etc.

How does Kahoot work?
The teacher will login and "play" the kahoot they are planning to use in the lesson. Students will need to go to kahoot.it (different than the teacher website) and enter the game pin displayed on the screen. Once all of your students have joined, the teacher begins the game.

The first question will appear. Students will have several moments to read the question before the answers are displayed. Students select answers by choosing the corresponding shape or by color. The quicker a student responds with a correct answer, the more points they get. 

After the end of each round, the correct answer is displayed along with the amount of people that chose each answer. Following that, the leader board comes up, which encourages students in friendly competition.

How can I use Kahoot to assess students?
The most awesome feature of Kahoot might be it's ability to assess data. At the end of a game play, the teacher will reach a screen that gives the option to download the results. You have the option to download as an Excel file or download straight to Google Drive.


When you open the file, you get an analysis of how each student did overall and how they did on each question. A green mark indicates a correct answer, red indicates incorrect answer. You could use this data as a grade or as a way to inform your teaching.

Bottom line, students learn while having fun and you get the data you need to assess!

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  1. I really want to try this in my class. Two students, end of the row stand up and then go where? To the front of the room? Then sit? :)


    1. Hi Natasa,

      Each student will need some sort of device that can connect to the internet such as a laptop, cellphone, or tablet. All students can play at once if you have enough devices so no need to rotate students.

  2. yes all student want to connect with cellphone and other device..............