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Monday, August 4, 2014

Good King Leopold - Four Voices

Do you love the game Good King Leopold, but wished it had a story to go with it? I  sure did but couldn't find anything kid friendly. So I wrote/illustrated(in powerpoint) one! 

If you've never heard of the game, here's how to play:

Choose one king/queen to sit on a separate “throne.”  All other students stand on the other side of the room and sing:

Good King(Queen) Leopold                                   The king/queen responds:
(sol   mi  sol-sol-mi)                                                 You must ask again
May we cross your kingdom?                               (Sol  mi   sol  sol-mi)
(sol  sol  mi     la    sol mi)                                       This time use your ________ voice.
                                                                                   (sol  sol   mi   la  sol sol    mi)
                                                                                   Student chooses  the voice–
                                                                                   whisper, speaking, shouting, singing.

Students repeat “Good King/Queen Leopold, may we cross your kingdom?” in the voice that was ordered. The king/queen only grants permission to students when all have complied with the order. When permission is granted, students cross over the kingdom. I had my students walk from one end of the carpet to the other. A new king/queen is then chosen.

Add a foam crown from Walmart and you're all set!

Not only is this a great way for students to practice their four voices, it's also a great way to individually assess!

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  1. I LOVE this game too! Would you share your powerpoint? Or is it on TPT>?

  2. I would love to see the PPT too. :-)